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adventurous wedding + elopement photographer

I'm Savannah. The girl behind this little adventure of a photography business. Let's get to know each other...

First and foremost: welcome. I'm glad you stopped by and even more glad you clicked on this little page to find out a little bit more about me. Here are the highlights:

1 / I just got married!! Kinda. One year is still newly-wed phase, right? My husband's name is Cam. We are high school sweethearts (I kinda hate saying that), but it's true and means we are besties and even loved each other through our super awkward phases of teen life.

photos by Erin McCall

photos by Erin McCall

This is a bonus because now I know what it's like to plan a whole wedding from start to finish- in all its craziness and glory.

2 / I just graduated from The University of Tennessee (go vols) with a Child and Family Studies degree (I know, nothing to do with photography). I majored in this because I wanted to be a counselor (maybe still, one day). But I told myself I'd never regret majoring in this, because I learned so much more about people, and I love people.

3 / I really enjoy anything that's Cotton Candy flavored (had a cotton candy machine at our wedding, highly recommend), a good show I can get emotionally invested in, and driving with my windows down.

4 / And maybe most importantly...

I am currently based in Knoxville, TN, but my heart beats for traveling. And no, not because it's trendy in the photog industry right now, but because I've always loved it. Rumor has it some destinations/elopements might even get you a discount...find out more on my travel page!


5 / Here's what I'm about with photos: I love capturing moments. The laughs, the tears, the sneaky hand holds and bear hugs. I love having a job that allows me to tell a story. A unique story to each couple and person, full of hope and wonder and excitement.


I love the raw, unposed, silly parts of your love. The parts that truly reflect who you are individually and as a couple. The sillier, the more fun! And the better the photos. The more you are yourself, the more I'm able to freeze those genuine moments. Who wants stiff photos anyway? If you're up for hanging out, laughing a lot, running around and being a little vulnerable, we will have a lot of fun together.

If all this sounds pretty good to you, fill out a contact form and let's hang out to see if we're a good fit! Can't wait to adventure.


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A   N O T E

I LOVE when my clients share their photos with friends, loved ones, and all over social media. With this being said, I kindly ask that if you or a loved one decide to post a photo from your session, please tag me + give me credit for the photo. I pride myself in taking time into each and every single photo delivered to you. It is so kind to creatives when you show your appreciation by a simple credit. If you need help finding my Facebook, Instagram, or website link, you can use the social icons at the top right portion of the page. Thank you so, so much. You are so appreciated!


Until we meet, you can follow along on my adventures on Instagram!