hi, friend.

Hawaii wedding photographer

I’m Savannah!

your potential new third wheel.
based out of O’ahu, Hawaii + Nashville, TN —
i’m a frequent flyer, cotton-candy-loving, enneagram 4,
hapa gal who’s a wanna-be surfer.
big fan of good music, travel, + meeting new people.

on our best day you can find Cam and I:
hanging with friends, doing something outside,
drinking moscow mules, or let’s be real - watching netflix.

i’m all about the real, honest stuff.
I wanna be there for the big moments,
but also the small, in-between, quiet moments.
i’m all for the belly laughs, celebratory dances,
light touches, and subtle looks.
I want you to be able to look back at these photos
in 10, 20, 40 years…
and still love them + fall more in love
with your person when you see them.
your love is unique, wild, + sweet,
and I want to capture that.

let’s invest in moments together.

cotton candy TILTED.png

first thing’s first

photographing couples in love is my biggest passion + one of my greatest joys.

it makes my heart race, like a good song with windows down and a deep conversation with someone you love.

it feels good to me, and it feels right. 
and it feels that way because I am SO invested in each + every one of my friends. emphasis on friends, because we really get to know each other.
I wanna hear your story, your worries, + what freaking gets you hype about marrying your person.
it’s super important to me that you not only connect to my work, but we vibe together — because after all is said and done, I want you to look back feeling like you fell more in love, + enjoyed the experience we created together.
savannah le-alternate logos-10.png
day 122.jpg

and it starts
with trust —

because I don’t wanna be
just another vendor.

the more we trust each other, the more magical the photos


feelin’ good so far?

then let’s keep rolling ...


this is us

Cam and I have been friends for 13 years, married for 2 years (hello high school sweethearts amiright).
that means we even loved each other through all those super awkward looking phases and we are absolute besties.
if you choose me, chances are you will meet Cam because he is also my trusty sidekick! he’s my second shooter when needed + also makes really dope videos, so be sure to ask about that if you’re interested + check out the video page!

if we’re meant to be —


you are head over heels in love with your person. so much so, you care way more about your marriage than your wedding.
you’re empathetic, kind, honest. you value my work + trust me wholeheartedly.
savannah le-illustrations_Artboard 2 copy 6.png
you do what feels good to you, not getting caught up in tradition or how things are supposed to go.
I'm not the girl for everyone.
but if you feel like our values match up + our personalities vibe, then let’s freaking do this and have fun doing it.
i’ll be your biggest cheerleader all the way.
read more about the experience below!






are you in your feels yet?

this is a real, real good thing.
if you connected with any of these words then we’re off to a good start —
because I want you to feel deep down that I’m the girl for you.
+ if so, don’t be shy!
come say hey and let’s start dreaming.


upcoming adventures

2019 travel dates

may / june
+ Tokyo
+ Thailand
+ Vietnam

+ Charleston, SC

+ Nashville
+ Roanoke, VA

+ Rosemary Beach, FL

+ Santa Rosa Beach, FL

+ Nashville

2020 travel dates

+ Maui

+ Nashville
+ Knoxville

travel wishlist

+ Utah
+ Wyoming
+ Big Sur
+ Yosemite National Park
+ Banff national park
+ Iceland
+ France
+ Norway
+ Morocco
+ Singapore
+ Bali
+ South Africa

if any of these spots speak to you too —
let’s freaking go.
a happy discount is waiting for you.