My first wedding in the books. I have so much to say about it. I mostly have a lot to say about Allie and Taylor. They were the 2 best people in the world for my very first wedding. They have been kind, patient, encouraging, and full of very underserving grace. There was never really any getting caught-up-in-the-details of things that needed to be done or shouldn't be happening- only focus on each other. It was a breath of fresh air, and I feel so thankful and honored to be able to capture just a small glimpse of that day. From the raw, unashamed tears of the bride as she soaked in the day, to the moment the entire bridal party ate Chipotle together in a little yellow house, and to the best dance party ever thrown (with the best dance moves coming from the bride + groom themselves). There is so much to learn from them and take away from that day. I am forever thankful!

WEDDINGSavannah Davis