let's get all the deets,
shall we?


If you're filling this out, that means your wedding is coming up so soon! Heck yeah!! Fun times are ahead for all of us and I'm so pumped to be in this together.

Please take your time filling this out and answering some of these logistical questions for me! (ugh, sounds so boring but I promise it'll be so helpful).

Can't wait to get ya married!!!

First look?
Are you wanting a second shooter?
Are you wanting a second shooter? If yes, I will send you the info!
Do you have a videographer? If so, who?
Are you guys planning on exchanging gifts or letters before the first look / ceremony? If yes, do you want to before you put your dress on or after?
Are you (bride) planning on a first look with your dad and/or bridesmaids?
Is your dress super easy to put on, or will it take some time?
Please provide all specific addresses I'll need!
How many people are in your wedding party, including you two?
Are you wanting to do extended family photos post ceremony? Immediate family photos will be done prior to the ceremony, and possibly more after depending on a first look or not.
Please provide how your reception will flow!
What time is your ceremony + exit?
If there are any other super specific photo requests you have, or people you especially want me to look out for, please let me know here! I got all the basics covered for ya.

one more thing...

Have all of the details you want shot (ALL the rings, invites, extra ribbon, your mom's jewelry, shoes, etc.) in one bag with you the day of the wedding. This saves you and everyone else so much time the day of so you aren't scrambling around trying to get everything together! You can throw whatever you want in the bag and I'll shoot it :)
if your dress has a million buttons, you can buy a crotchet tool to help with that process :) I wish I had known this for my own so just a helpful tip!!


This is so you can see an example of how things will flow. Once you submit this, I’ll type up a rough version of this and then we will make adjustments together!

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