You got questions.

I got answers.

I've decided to compile a list of my most frequently asked questions and put them in one place to save us both some time over email!


+ Do you travel?!

sure do. it's one of my favorite things to do, actually. wanna take me somewhere with you? go to my travel page + find out some more info!!

+ What's your ideal client + wedding?

my ideal clients are the ones who love easily + effortlessly. they're adventurous, willing to have fun, and willing to be vulnerable. they trust me on locations, times, photos, and suggestions. they care way more about the marriage than the wedding. they value each other and their relationships. they give me space to be creative + make mistakes. + above all, they like to have a good time!

my ideal wedding has history + meaning to it. there's an emphasis on the relationships between the bride + groom + guests. the person marrying you knows you both well, and knows the weight in this bondage. there's a good dance party + a cotton candy machine (bonus).

+ What the heck do we wear for our engagement session?

wear something that reflects your style as a couple. don't get too crazy, but also don't wear something you might look back on and think, "why did i wear that? i never wear that." be comfortable, + be fun!

+ What are bridal portraits + why are they awesome?

there are two types of bridal portraits: bride + groom / just bride. bridal portraits of the bride + groom can be an awesome way for you to get those epic, adventurous wedding photos without taking time out of your wedding day to do them. ever wanted photos in your wedding outfits on top of a mountain? you can do that. either before (if you're less traditional), or after your wedding day. if you choose to do it before your wedding day, we'll set it up exactly like a first look + couple session, it'll just be somewhere awesome instead of your wedding venue!

if it's just a bride, it's the same idea just without the groom. it gives you an opportunity to let your hair down, wear read lipstick, and have a flower crown without having to do that on your wedding day!

it's the best ever, let's be different and plan something like this.

+ How many hours is a typical wedding day for you?

my golden number is 10 hours of shooting time which is usually enough for me to be there from when you're getting ready till when you're leaving in a getaway car. sometimes, you need more or less, so i have a couple other options of 8 or 12 hours. i can definitely help you figure out which one is best for you!

+ How do we get our photos back + when?

i deliver all of my images through an online gallery that gives you full access + a way to share with whoever you please! you can download + print as much as you like on your own. turn around time is usually 6-8 weeks, sometimes less depending on the season.

+ Do you deliver RAW files?

nope! a part of my finished product is delivering you all the photos edited. i don't deliver you any unedited photos!

+ When should we have our ceremony?

ceremony time is really important in terms of lighting. i love an early evening/late afternoon ceremony because it leaves good light for photos before + a sunset session afterwards. if you're thinking about a ceremony mid-day outside in direct sunlight, or in the evening in the winter when it gets dark at 5pm, the photos might not look like their best potential + there may not be enough time for all of them!

+ So what about a timeline?

when you book me, you get free consultation + help with your timeline. we talk about the big things (getting ready, ceremony time, exit), and then i go in and fill in the rest minute by minute. you approve, and then we send it off to your planner + coordinator for a last check.

+ I'm torn on a first look. What do you think?

to do a first look or not to do a first look is one of the biggest questions i get during client meetings. i always say this: first looks are more than just a way to convenience the timeline + photographer. it's a breath of fresh air, a time to breathe deep and remember with your person why you are there that day. it's just about the only time you'll be alone that whole day until you're leaving in your getaway car that night. it's the best decision i ever made, not because the photos, not because it was convenient, but because i got the space to be present. that being said, i'll always be an advocate of a first look. but i totally respect your decision if you love the traditional route! no worries on my end, but something to consider on yours!

+ Do you bring a second shooter + should we have one?

if you want one, you can have one! there will be an extra fee to compensate them that is on my pricing guide! i always suggest considering one if you have 300+ guests and/or are getting ready in a separate location from your groom. we'll talk about all these things on our coffee (or wine + beer) date!

+ Do you offer prints?

oh, yes! and i believe in them so much. head on over to my prints page to find out more + see why.

+ Alright, we wanna book you. How do we do it?

inquire with me, i'll send my price sheet, then a signed contract + deposit make me all yours.