photos really are an investment.
but aren’t seasons of your life worth investing in?
the few months you’re engaged, your wedding day, your first home together…
at the end of the day, photos are really the only thing that you look back on and still have left over.
they are memories frozen in time — a keepsake,
and I don’t take that lightly.
you should feel good about who you invest in.

so here’s the details



ahhh I love weddings. they really are a sacred space.
all your favorite people in one place + promising
forever to one another. it really is the best.
I will laugh with you, cry with you,
and dance it out with you on the dance floor.
I love a good party,
and I’m with you
all the way.

coverage for weddings starts at 6 hours.

IMG_5075 (1)-1.jpg



I love shooting these because most of the time, it just feels like
I’m third wheeling on your date.
let’s do what your normally do!
do you normally eat pizza in your favorite tshirt?
or hang out in the back of your jeep?
then let’s do that. let’s do what feels like you.
you’ll love the images even more + they’ll hold more weight.

theses sessions are usually anywhere from 1-2 hours,
and I promise they are so, so fun.

*this also applies to other portrait sessions (seniors, boudoir, etc.)




my very favorite.
because it’s truly about you + what
feels most like you.
no pressure from anyone else —
only your closest people or
just you two and a beach
or some mountains + cliffsides.
it really doesn’t get any better than that.
and I’m with you helping you plan
+ dream the whole way.

coverage for elopements start at 4 hours.


for a detailed pricing guide with all the things, head to my say hey page!
*kama’aina discounts are available on all prices.

and to see what it’s like to work with me:


day 15.jpg

we’re a team!

 my talented husband makes dope videos
+ he’s pretty fun to work with, too.
we love shooting weddings / elopements together,
and we do it often.
so if you’ve always dreamed of having a film,
be sure to check him out!
sometimes he even comes along to your portrait sessions
for extra fun lovey dovey footage.

check his stuff out here!

promise we won’t make out in front of you. but we will eat all the pho with you.

Cam and savannah did our wedding photo + video —

what we didn’t realize until we were in the middle of it,

is what intimate moments you share with your photographer + videographer throughout your day.

because savannah and cam are married and an incredible team,
we felt like we could be ourselves completely.

the way they work together so comfortably make you forget you’re in front of a camera.

they see it all and they capture it all, beautifully and genuinely.

the two of them felt more like friends who got to ride along with us throughout the day.


mary grace + andrew

and if you can’t wait to check him out, here’s a glimpse of his talent + what it’s like to shoot with us: