P R I N T S + A L B U M S

Recently, I've learned the power of printing your photos. Of hanging them on your walls, or printing them on paper in albums.

They last forever. Longer than a Facebook photo album or an Instagram post. They preserve time, and serve as a reminder to your family + the guests in your home what you both are about, what your love is really like.

It's what will last for your children, and your grandchildren. The 4 corners of a photo hold so much in them. They hold your story.

With my packages, I offer the opportunity to print your photos + have an album made. But I think so highly of the importance of them that I decided to elaborate on my website.

Here are your options:

x A set of 25 or 50 high-quality prints

x A hard, lay-flat photo album (10x10 or 12x12)

x A hardcover photo album (10x10)

x A leather photo album (12x12)

*All  of these products can be customized and tailored to your liking. When you inquire, let's talk about it.

They are so worth the investment. I would love to chat more about why with you.


prints gifted to us by our wedding photographer + friend, Erin McCall