Self Love Sessions.

This is for you. The momma who’s been home with her kids (beautifully and bravely) but just needs some time for herself. The girlies who have lived together the last few years and want to freeze time in your friendship. The almost or present newlyweds who want to remember what this stage of life felt like and looked like.

This is truly for you.

Self Love is something I think we all wanted to stack hands on for 2019 but sometimes aren’t sure how it works or really how to do it. I wanted to create an opportunity for that to be practiced - and it may feel like a silly or small thing to invest in, but I promise when you look back at the photos you’ll be so thankful you took that small amount of time to breathe deep and be present, whether it’s with yourself, your love, or your best friends. And also you’ll be like “damn I was hot” and that’s not a bad reason to show up either.

So let’s do it! Let’s stack hands, practice self love, and let yourself be pampered for a day.

a few options…

Couples Portraits Boudoir Besties

I. When + where + how much?

February 9: Sequoyah Park

February 23rd + 24th: Airbnb

II. What do ya get?

This space is bright, modern, and well designed.

Lots of space + lots of good light for the best possible photos.

A beautiful loft + kitchen for some snuggly photo ops.


III. I’m in. Now what?

A $50 deposit makes me yours.

Fill out the contact form below and let’s do this!

IV. Some tips

...until we see each other
savannah le-illustrations-01.jpg

You deserve it, really.

You deserve to feel loved by yourself. You deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve moments frozen + preserved. And you deserve the opportunity and space to feel that way.

And I’m here to help with that.

Alright alright forreal.

See you soon!

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