Macie + James' Cades Cove Proposal

Macie has been a great college friend of mine, so when James (sneakily) talked to me at another friend's wedding and told me he was proposing to Macie and he wanted me to shoot it, I was so excited. He took her to Cades Cove where they spent some time reflecting over the last few years. The best story ever I feel like I have to share: Macie worked at a Young Life camp one summer and felt like she was in love with James, but she didn't want to tell him just yet because they had only been dating for a few months, so she wrote it to him in a letter, but never sent it. A little bit after she came home and they had told each other they loved each other, Macie gave the letter to James, to find out that on that exact same date, he had written in his journal that he was in love with Macie. That date years later, James got on one knee and told Macie he'd love her forever. It was the sweetest gift to be there for the surprise, and I am so excited to do married life with these two friends!

PROPOSALSavannah Davis