What's Been Going On....

If you're reading this, you're on my new website! SO exciting! As I start a new website and work on making this my FULL time job (!!!) I thought I'd write a little post on what's been going on this last year, why I haven't been blogging (oops), or posting a lot of content.

I'm gonna start with January. I swear I'm going to make this as long as it seems, but really, that's when life got kinda crazy.


My (then) boyfriend had just gotten home in October from a year out in Oregon working at a Young Life camp. A couple months after, on New Year's Eve, he proposed! He asked me to marry him on a mountain in Virginia, surrounded by wild ponies in the snow. It was as magical as it sounds I'm not gonna lie. We had a party later that evening after a really sweet dinner gifted to us by my brother and sister-in-law, and celebrated the rest of the night. It really was one of the sweetest days of my life! Full story for another day, if you guys wanna hear it.

F E B R U A R Y - M A R C H

I spent the next couple of months planning, which as most of you current or past brides know, is pretty overwhelming and time consuming. I was still in school at the University of Tennessee, majoring in Child and Family Studies, (I know, nothing to do with photography). For the semester, I was required to complete a practicum, working full time to gain experience as well as attend a night class once a week. I chose to do my practicum at a place called Thrive Lonsdale, an after school program for at-risk youth here in Knoxville. It's the greatest, you should check out their website and see what they're about. And if you're in Knoxville, you should go spend some time with them,

We also got our engagement photos taken by the lovely Erin McCall.

A P R I L - M A Y

Through these next couple of months, I was still working full time, still in class, still planning a wedding, and then wedding season hit. I had 3 weddings in April, and 2 in May, and mine was in JUNE. A wedding in Johnson City, an engagement shoot in New York...I was all over the place. I was editing weddings just a few days before my own. I was so thankful for the business, but it was a bit crazy. This is when it started to get hard to stay on the grid and stay on top of things.

I also graduated in May!! You can add it to the list of excitement but craziness.


Bachelorette parties, showers, more planning and preparing, moving, rehearsal dinner, wedding, honeymoon, home.

J U L Y - A U G U S T

ALL OF THAT. In 6 months. It was hard, stressful, a little sad, but super sweet and super good.

We're adjusting to marriage, I've decided to give this photography thing a shot full time, and here we are.

A new website, a new season. And I'm so excited to start fresh with you all!

There's a little taste of my life lately. Now let's do this.



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