Lovers on the Black Sand Beaches of Hawaii

This day with Allie + Taylor was one of our favorite days in Hawaii. Cam and I were leaving to head back to Tennessee that night, so we packed our bags in the morning before we headed out for the road to Hana. We explored beaches, found waterfalls, ate kalua pork, and took some photos. Does it seriously get any better than that? We laughed so much with these two that day — it made it all the more sad to go home that night.

We raced home because we took a little longer than we wanted to taking photos (oops - that’s what happens when photographers shoot each other), grabbed our bags and threw them in Taylor’s truck, ran to costco for some to-go pizza slices, and hopped over to the airport. We were running late, but they said not to worry since the airport is almost never busy. Well…for some reason everyone and their mom was leaving Hawaii that night, and we were stuck in the back of a 200+ person line with our flight boarding in 5 minutes. I ran to the front of the line and asked the TSA guy if he would let us cut, and surprisingly he said yes! We made it just in time to board our flight, and we made it back to Tennessee safely. And now I’ve just been staring at these photos wondering when we can go back and hang with Allie and Taylor again. For now, this post will just have to do. Hope you enjoy!